The first consultation is very thorough and will usually take between 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

Here you will be asked to talk about your main complaint, any other ailments you have, your medical history, as well as more about you as a person. This is all in order to gain a deeper understanding of your individual case. You will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have and any symptoms/events that you think are relevant.

Follow up consultations are important so that your reaction to the remedy can be discussed, any improvement monitored and further medication given if necessary. Follow up consultations are arranged within 3-5 weeks of the previous appointment.

All consultations are completely confidential. The remedy will be administered either straight after the consultation or available for collection/posted-out a little later in more complex cases.

You can phone me in between appointments if you have any concerns, need advice or wish to discuss anything in regards to treatment.