How it all started

It was somewhere in my mid-twenties when I first stumbled upon a book on homeopathy in the Bradford Central Library.

From there-on it continued as an interest as the concept of ‘like cures like’ appealed to me very much. However, it remained only a flirtation for a long time as I never envisaged myself becoming a homeopath. It was many years after this that I actually experienced the magic that homeopathy was capable of and realised what a wonderful and effective tool it is for achieving good health.

It all happened when my daughter, then 4 years of age, fell ill with recurrent chest infections.  After numerous visits to the GP over a period of several months, not only was there no relief, the problem actually continued to get worse until one day I noticed her breathing with a lot of difficulty. I decided then that something better had to be done, as otherwise the next thing from the GP would be inhalers for breathing difficulty. This was the first time that I decided to put my knowledge of homeopathy to the test.

Instead of going to work that morning I worked on my daughter’s symptoms, went to the health food store in the city centre, and got the homeopathic remedy, Drosera 6. I gave her one tablet and waited. To my wonder and amazement the breathing became normalised within 15 minutes and the cough improved rapidly. Now with hindsight I know that the second dose I gave her was unnecessary.

Perhaps I would not have ventured any further than treating family and friends for minor ailments had another distressing event not taken place. This was when my wife fell ill all of a sudden with violent panic attacks and was convinced she was going to die.

After having no luck with the GP, and later, a private medical practitioner, I worked on her symptoms and gave her Causticum 1M. To my amazement, it had an immediate effect. Within minutes she felt so much better and was fine for a whole week. But then the condition came back with full force. This time I did not give her any more medicine. I had not faced anything like this before and thought that probably more was needed than what I was doing, so I decided to have her treated by a properly qualified and registered homeopathic practitioner.

At the beginning of the interview with the homeopath, I explained what had happened so far, the medicine I had given and the good effect it had had for a week. However, at the end of the interview the practitioner did not think that it was Causticum that my wife needed. She prescribed Phosphorous (which is very similar to Causticum but inimical to it, so should not be given straight after Causticum). This made the condition worse. The homeopath interviewed again and prescribed Argentum Nitricum but became indecisive and advised it was not yet to be taken.

Seeing her floundering we decided to go to another practitioner who was a GP as well as a homeopath. He prescribed a combination of remedies that seemed to have a good effect in the beginning but then, as time went on, it seemed as though more and more problems were being added without any further progress with the main condition. After six months of treatment my wife and I decided that we had reached the blind end of the alley. It was then that I suggested to her to have another dose of Causticum as it had had such a good effect. She agreed and took a dose of the 30th dilution. It is almost 20 years ago but I still remember the feeling of relief and exhilaration I had when after only twenty minutes I heard my wife saying (without me asking her), ‘I feel so well. It seems as though all my ailments have gone’. It was as if a magic spell had broken. This was the first time in the last 7/8 months that she felt her normal self in every way. No further dose was needed for the next four weeks. And then, Causticum 30 again.

This experience of course gave me a big boost in terms of confidence in myself; as observation and the end-result showed that I was not doing a bad job after-all. So, naturally, my interest and conviction in the science and the art of homeopathy grew even stronger.

Since then I have treated many cases of Depression (thereby saving a number of marriages from breaking due to husbands/wives failing to understand the state of mind of their suffering partner) and quite a number of Alopecia patients where the hair has re-grown within 6 to 12 weeks. Similarly, I have treated Arthritic pains, Asthma, Eczema, Hay Fever, Lumbago, Migraine, and a host of other conditions, both mental and physical, and have had them succumb to Homeopathy most of the time without facing too much resistance.

I came to my present phase of development in homeopathic learning when my children having grown-up and educated insisted that I widen my sphere to beyond family and friends, and offer my services to the society at large. But I did not feel right doing this without having taken a structured course of study and gaining the necessary qualification. So I decided to join a four year course and finally gained my Diploma in Classical Homeopathy with distinction in June 2012, and soon after registered with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners to serve anyone who would care to be served.

If you’d like to discuss your problem before deciding to receive treatment, I can give you 20 minutes of my time on the telephone free of charge. If you live distantly and cannot come for a consultation in person, you can fill in and submit the questionnaire as instructed on the left of this page .I look forward to sharing the magic of homeopathy with you.