“I’ve known Mr. Ahmad for a number of years now and was aware of his passion for homeopathy but didn’t give it much thought at first. However, two years ago I mentioned to him that I was constantly feeling pain on the soles of my feet due to cracked skin which was very painful, especially when walking. Mr. Ahmad gave me some very tiny white spherical shaped tablets and advised to take two each day for a week. I have to admit that I was very sceptical and could not see how this could possibly help. However, I took the tablets for the next six or seven days as I thought it would do no harm. and the results were truly amazing. The dry skin and cracks totally disappeared and I have never had the problem since. This must be over 2 years ago now . I have no idea how the remedy worked but it worked like magic and I am so grateful”. – Alan Abbott, Leeds, July 2014.


While in Germany, I have been using homeopathic medicine for a while with good results. On my coming to the UK to study I was hoping to continue using homeopathic medicine and was very lucky to come across Mr. Ahmad’s homeopathic practice. During my studies, Mr. Ahmad was able to provide me with medicine to aid my stamina both physically and mentally during challenging times such as exam season and while writing my thesis. The medicine helped me cope better as well as strengthening my immune system which was normally weakened during stressful exam times. The recovery time was always prompt with an average of 1-2 days for me to see significant improvement. I can strongly recommend homeopathic medicine in general but particularly Mr. Ahmad’s Al Shafa’a Homeopathic Practice. I really appreciate Mr. Ahmad’s helpful personality which is why I continue to use his services even now that I am back in Germany! – Sandra, December 2014.